Notwithstanding homicides that are pending classification, there have been 116 criminal homicides in 2022.

Current Clearance Rate in 2022 is 55.08%.
Current number of Criminal Homicide arrests in 2022 cases: 49.
Current number of Criminal Homicide arrests in 2022 for prior year cases: 8.

Incident InformationVictim InformationClearance StatusArrestee InformationPublic Statements
DateIncident NumberIncident LocationVictim NameVictim RaceVictim GenderVictim AgeSuspect(s) NameSuspect RaceSuspect GenderSuspect AgeArrest DateJSO Public Statement(s)Comments
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11/17/20222022-06787231400 Palmdale Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM41Open     N/A 
11/13/20222022-067067211000 Pine Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptWM34Cleared By ArrestButler, Charles RichardWM4611/13/2022butler arrest.png
11/11/20222022-0667095600 Winona Drive
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM26Open     N/A 
11/10/20222022-06662843600 Ring Lane
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM21Open     N/A 
11/06/20222022-06565002500 Orion Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM55Open     N/A 
11/06/20222022-06564171600 Myrtle Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM31Open     N/A 
11/05/20222022-06546272300 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM23Open     N/A 
11/03/20222022-06493522900 Justina Road
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM23Open     N/A 
11/01/20222022-06472528000 Southside Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBF34Cleared By ArrestTucker, Otis LeeBM3511/02/2022tucker arrest.png
10/30/20222022-06403675300 Golf Brook Drive
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBM18Cleared By ArrestJordan, Brian AntoineBM2010/30/2022jordan arrest.png

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