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08/07/20192019-0544776Record Exempt
Record ExemptBM61Exceptionally Cleared (Excusable)    N/A 
06/22/20192019-04332054500 Ocean St
Jacksonville, Florida
Rozar, Jeanie LouiseWF51Cleared By ArrestSilney, Jean MaraisBM53
06/05/20192019-0390064Record Exempt
Johnson, Brandon Rashad (suspect)BM24Exceptionally Cleared (Justifiable)    N/A 
06/03/20192019-03915303000 Mayport Rd
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptWM41Exceptionally Cleared (Justifiable)    N/A 
05/25/20192019-0365755Record Exempt
Record ExemptBM25Exceptionally Cleared (Justifiable)    N/A 
05/24/20192019-0362514Record Exempt
Davis, Demetrite Mandinka (suspect)BM37Exceptionally Cleared (Justifiable)    N/ACleared by Arrest - Felony Murder.
Victim was a suspect breaking into a residence who was shot and killed by a person inside the residence.
05/22/20192019-03577795600 Lennox Ave
Jacksonville, Florida
Record ExemptBFUKCleared By ArrestEwing, Darryl AllynBM56EWING, DARRYL ALLYN.jpg
05/20/20192019-03518751663 Ponderosa Pine Dr E
Jacksonville, Florida
Sharpe, Beverly N.WF80Cleared By Arrest    N/AManslaughter
05/05/20192019-0317530Record Exempt
Record ExemptBF24Exceptionally Cleared (Excusable)    N/A 
05/05/20192019-0317530Record Exempt
Record ExemptBM24Exceptionally Cleared (Justifiable)    N/A 

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